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Visa Information

Working Hours

Consular Desk 0900  to 1215 hrs (Submission Only)
Delivery Time 1600 to 1715 hrs
Working Days Sunday to Thursday


Visa Information

Embassy of India, Doha grants visas for those intending to visit India for tourist, business and other purposes in accordance with rules and regulations of the Government of India. Those intending to visit India can access the Government of India website to fill up the application forms online. Applicants may kindly fill in all details in the application form and also upload their recent photographs. A print out of the filled in application form duly signed by the applicant with two copies of the uploaded photograph is required to be submitted in person along with requisite fee , photocopy of ID card / Iqama and passport-valid for at least six months beyond the applicable visa period at the Embassy of India, Doha  between 0815 hrs to 1115 hrs on all working days. (i.e. Sunday to Thursday).

Visas for Qatari Nationals and non–Qatari Nationals having valid residence permit would normally be issued on the same day . It may take at least 3 / 4 working days in cases of non-Qatari Nationals who do not hold a valid residence permit for Qatar. For a few categories of non-Qataris the processing time is much longer- the Embassy’s Consular Section would guide the concerned applicants in this regard. The period of validity of the visa begins from the date of issue of visa. The Embassy reserves the right to refuse visa without assigning any reasons. 

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Tourist Visa

Tourists wishing to visit India would  normally be granted single or multiple entry six months tourist visas effective from the date of issue, which is non-extendible and non-convertible. For persons who visit India frequently for tourist purposes multiple entry visas for a longer duration would be considered. The applicant may be asked to produce documents in proof of his / her financial standing. Tourists travelling in groups of not less than four members under the auspices of a recognized travel agency may be considered for grant of collective tourist visa.


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Business Visa

Business Visas for up to five years validity with multiple entry for technicians / experts going to India in pursuance of bilateral agreements or joint venture projects having government approval may be granted. Others travelling on business may be granted visas for the duration of their stay. Letters from sponsoring organization and inviting organization indicating nature of business, probable duration of stay, places and organizations to be visited incorporating there in a guarantee to meet maintenance expenses, etc. should accompany the application. Persons without Qatari Residence Permit cannot apply Business Visa from Qatar. If period of residence in Qatar is less than 2 years, visa processing may take upto 4 to 5 working days.

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Entry Visa

Entry Visas valid for six months to five years stay with multiple entry is given only to persons of Indian origin. However, members of the family of a person who is employed in India are also considered for Entry visa.

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Student Visa

Student Visas may be obtained on furnishing proof of admission to recognized Universities / Institutions in India for the duration of the course of study. Change of purpose and institutions are not permissible. Applicant should also enclose a letter from local guardian or father of the student undertaking to bear the expenses of the child in India along with documents in proof of his / her financial standing.

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Employment Visa

Employment Visas are issued to skilled and qualified professionals or persons who are engaged or appointed by companies, organizations, economic undertakings as technicians, technical experts, senior executives etc. Applicants are required to submit proof of contract / employment / engagement of foreign nationals by the company or organization clearly indicating the designation of the official, salary offered, and name of the company for whom he / she will be working in India. A copy of the registration of the company in India is also to be produced. Employment visa can be applied only from the country of domicile or country of residence if applicant’s residency is more than 2 years.

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Transit Visa

Transit visas are issued for a maximum period of 15-days with single / double entry facilities to bonafide transit passengers only. Transit visas are required to be obtained before departure, as Transit Visas for brief halts in India (up to 72 hours) enroute to other destinations, cannot be obtained from Immigration counters at airports in India.

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Conference Visa

Conference Visas are issued for attending conferences / seminars / meetings in India. A letter of invitation from the organizer of the conference as well as a letter from the sponsor is to be submitted along with the visa application. Delegates going to attend conferences may combine tourism with attending conferences.

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Registration of Foreign Nationals in India

For persons holding long term (validity exceeding 6 months) Tourist, Business and Entry Visas, the normal duration of each stay in India should not exceed 6 months. However, if the stay in India is to exceed 6 months, registration with Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival in India, is mandatory. Foreign nationals except  from Pakistan and  Afghanistan are required to register themselves within 14 days of their first arrival in India if their visa is valid for more than 180 days. All nationals except Pakistan / Afghanistan holding up to six months visa are exempted from Registration. US nationals with a valid Tourist or Business visa for a period of 10 years are exempted from Registration. Pakistan nationals are required to get their names registered within 24 hours of their arrival in India. Afghan nationals are required to register with the FRRO/FRO concerned within 14 days of arrival except those Afghan nationals who enter India on a visa valid for 30 days or less provided the Afghan national concerned gives his/her local address in India to the Indian Mission/FRRO/FRO. The Afghan nationals who are issued visas with "Exemption from police reporting" are exempt from Police reporting as well as Exit permission provided they leave within the Visa validity period. Registration can be done with the Registration Officer at the following addresses: Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO), Ist floor, Hans Bhavan, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Near ITO, New Delhi; FRRO & Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Branch-II (CID), Mumbai; Chief Immigration Officer, Shastry Bhavan Annexe, 26, Haddow Road, Chennai; S. P. (Immigration and CID), Interrogation Centre, PCP Attari Rail Mal Mandi, Amritsar; DIG (Border), Intelligence Branch, 13-Lord Singh Road, Calcutta.For addresses of other FRRO offices please click here:

Please click here to view: Frequent Asked Questions related to Visas

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