About Us

Working Hours

Embassy Working Hours

0800 to 1630 hrs

Consular Section Timings

0800 to 1615hrs

Consular Service - Submission of Documents (Passport, PCC, Visa,  OCI, Surrender & Renunciation)

0800 to 1115hrs

Timings for Attestation, POA, NRI, NOC & Other Miscellaneous Services - Submission of  Applications and Delivery of Services

1200 to 1500 hrs

Delivery Time - Collection of Documents

Passport, OCI, Surrender & Renunciation Certificates

 PCC& Visa


1400 to 1615 hrs

1500 to 1615 hrs

Working Days

Sunday to Thursday

Weekly Holidays

Friday & Saturday

Other Holidays

As per "List of Holidays"

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