General Instructions for Booking Online Appointment with Mission

Attention: All applicants for Visa, Passport, OCI and Consular Services

(1) Please book appointment according to the service. For example, if you are seeking Consular Services, please book appointment for the Consular Services only. If you book any other appointment (say, Visa/Passport) to seek Consular Services, entry would not be allowed.

(2) One applicant per appointment: Please note that only one applicant will be allowed as per the appointment. If you are seeking services for multiple persons (e.g. in case of family/group), please book separate appointment for each applicant.

(3) Timings for submission of documents for Visa/ OCI, Passport and Consular services: 0915 to 12:15 Hrs from Sunday to Thursday only.

(4) Appointments can be booked only 2 months in advance.

(5) The timings for collection for Visa/ Passport/ OCI/ Misc. Consular documents are from 1600 to 1715 Hrs from Sunday to Thursday. For collection, prior appointment is not needed. Please bring the receipt given at the time of submission.

(6) It has been noticed that vested interests are taking advantage of the online appointment system, causing inconvenience to genuine applicants. Thus, necessary technical checks have been introduced in the system to avoid multiple bookings by a few individuals.

(7) For Emergency service, you can request for appointment. Your emergency service appointment will be confirmed once embassy staff has approved and it will be notified through email.